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Sharing the Gospel with the middle-class

The Gospel is often shared with the poor and needy through ministries such as food banks and soup kitchens. Girls with unwanted pregnancies get help and hear the Good News of Jesus at Christian pregnancy centers. Those going through grief of loss and divorce can hear about God's love from faith-based counselors. Underprivileged youth and the homeless can find comfort at church-led community centers and shelters. All of these endeavors are Biblically sound and sorely needed.

But what about average, hard-working, middle-class people? Most of them also desperately need the forgiveness and grace offered through Jesus Christ, but they are often overlooked by church outreach programs. The single mother working two jobs to support her children, and even the upstanding married couple with three kids on the school honor roll all have the same need for salvation. In large parts of the world, the average middle-class person never goes to church, and they go to work every day without ever hearing about their need for Jesus. They live in a vacuum where the only thing they know about "religion" is the misinformation that they hear on the news and at the water cooler from other non-believers.

We hope to do our part to change this trend by demonstrating true Christian love for our neighbors. We do this by encouraging Christians to provide food gifts for workers at local businesses. It can be as simple as buying a dozen doughnuts and dropping them off at the local doctor's office or car dealership on your way to work. Sometimes, even the smallest gesture of kindness can change someone's life.